Captioning YouTube Videos- Make your Videos Accessible to ALL


YouTube will auto-caption most videos within 24 hours of the video being uploaded. This captioning, however, often requires edits by the user to insert proper grammer, punctuation, and to correct any spelling or transcription errors. After uploading your videos, please make sure to go through each to ensure that the captioning is correct. Keeping your videos short often helps to make this process much faster. The steps below will show you how to edit the auto-captions that are generated by YouTube.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. Click on the Menu

  1. Click on My Channel
  1. Click on Video Manager to view the Creator Studio

  1. Click Edit below the video
  1. Click Subtitles and CC (top of page)

  1. Click English (Automatic)

NOTE: If this video was recently uploaded, the Automatic Captions may not yet be available. For longer videos, it can take up to 24 hours for the automatic captions to appear.


  1. The automatic captioning will appear. Click on Edit to edit the existing captioning to correct issues and add proper grammar and punctuation.

  1. You can start and stop the video on the left hand side of the page to make edits easier
  2. When you have made the necessary changes, click Published (bottom of the page)


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