The Import/Export/Copy Components tool is an essential tool that will be used by any faculty member who uses the MyCourses system.


How to Copy an Entire Course:


Video Tutorial:

Copy an Entire Course (2:06)


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

IMPORTANT - Make absolutely certain you are in your empty course shell before proceeding with the following.

  1. Once you have entered your new empty semester shell, click on the Course Content Tab on the Navbar.

  2. Click on Table of Contents within the Table of Contents Panel.

NOTE - If you see content already in the course DO NOT IMPORT CONTENT into the course! If you do, it will append to the existing content and cause real confusion. It could mean that you already copied content into your course or you are using a master course where the content was already imported for you. If you are not sure what to do, please send an email to mycourses4faculty@spcollege.edu.

  1. Click on Import Course

  2. Click on Copy Existing Course

  3. Click on the Search for offering button.

  4. The Select Course Offering screen will appear.

  5. In the Search For textbox, type the some keywords for the course you want to copy from. This can include the name and section number of the course you want.

  6. Click the search icon , or press the Enter key on your keyboard.

  7. Click the radio button to the left of the name of the course to select it.

  8. Click the Add Selected button.

  9. Click the Copy All Components button.

  10. On the next screen, you will see the progress of the course copy. IMPORTANT - Do not hit the back button or navigate away from this page. Do NOT repeat these steps or you will have duplicates of the course materials.

  11. When the course copy is complete, you will see a green check copyContentIcon.jpg.

  12. You can view the course materials via Course Content Tab. Do NOT repeat the copy steps or you will have duplicates of the course materials in your new course shell.




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