Adding Additional Time to Multiple Quizzes 





The Edit Accomodations feature allows instructors to grant additional time to a student for all quizzes within a course. This feature only allows faculty to change the quiz times for a student, not the quiz dates. The instructions below outline adding additional time to all quizzes in a course for a specific student through this feature. 


IMPORTANT: Faculty also have the ability to set up special access dates and extended time for students on each individual quiz within a course. Here is a tutorial on setting special access dates and times for a specific quiz.


  1. Click on Communicate on the Navbar.
  2. Click on Classlist from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the student you want to provide additional time.
  4. Click on Edit Accommodations from the menu. The following pop-up window will appear.


    • Click on Modify Time Limit checkbox.
    • Select the Timing option for the students needs. There are two ways to increase quiz time.
      • Multiplier of Original Quiz: This option multiples the current time of all quizzes set in the course by a numeric value.
        Example: 30-minute quiz set to 1.5 the number of minutes = 45 minutes.
        Example: 30-minute quiz set to 2 times the number of minutes = 60 minutes/1:00:00.
      • Extra time: This option adds additional minutes to every quiz in a course.
        Example: 30-minute quiz set to provide 30 extra minutes = 60 minutes/1:00:00.
    • Click Save and close.


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