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This guide will show you how to add extra time to a quiz in your course for students with accommodations. Adjust access dates and time first, then select all students in the class who qualify for these settings. You can repeat these steps to set up access for students with different special access needs.



  1. Click on Submission Review on Navbar. 
  2. Click on Quizzes
  3. Click on the Name of the Quiz.  
  4. Click on Restrictions
  5. Scroll to bottom, Click on Add Users to Special Access.  
  6. Due Date: Check the box next to the Due Dates, Start, and End dates to grant special start dates & times. 
  7. Timing: Click Enforced time limit, then enter either a multiplier of the original time, or extra time.

    Enforce Time Limite Image Example

    • Multiplier of Original Quiz: This option multiples the current quizzes by a value.  
      • Example: 30-minute quiz set to 1.5 the number of minutes = 45 minutes 
    • Extra time: This option adds additional minute to the quiz. 
      • Example: 30-minute quiz set to provide 30 extra minutes = 60 minutes 
  8. Adjust number of attempts if needed for this special access. 
  9. Users: Select the checkbox next to the name(s) of the student(s) whose qualify for these special access setting. You can select more than one student. 
  10. Click Add Special Access (page will refresh).  
  11. Repeat for any additional students who have different special access needs.


Additional Resources:

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May 04, 2021


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