Adding Extra Time to Quizzes





This guide addresses setting up special access (extra time or an extended date range) for a single quiz present in your course for one student. This is typically done for students with accomodations or who need to make up an exam. 


IMPORTANT: You can also add extra time to all quizzes present in a course for a student via the classlist by following this guide: Adding Time to Multiple Quizzes



  1. Click on Submission Review on Navbar
  2. Click on Quizzes
  3. Click on the Name of the Quiz
  4. Click on Restrictions
  5. Scroll to bottom, Click on Add Users to Special Access

    To add Special Access Dates:

  6. A new window will open. Under the Properties section, you can adjust or add Due, Start, and End dates to change the date range of access for this student. 

        To add Special Access Times (such as time-and-a-half or double time): 
     7. Scroll down to the Timing section of the page. Select time limit settings. To add additional time to this quiz, verify that this quiz has an enforced time limit

     8. Under the words New Time Limit you can choose to either enter a new total time for this student, or enter a multiplier of the original time.



    9. To change the number of attempts allowed for this student, you can click Override attempts allowed and set a new number of attempts for this student.


   10. Select which student(s) this special access will be set for by clicking the checkbox next to the student's name.

    11. Click the blue Add Special Access button


    12. The student's special access is now set for this quiz. Remember that you can change the time limit for all quizzes in a course for a specific student from the classlist by following              the Adding Additional time to Multiple Quizzes tutorial.



Additional Resources:

How to Add Attempts for Individual Students


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