Deleting an Attempt when a Student Experiences some type of Disruption on a Quiz






If a student says to you that while taking their quiz there was a power surge, disruption in their internet connection, or some other issue, you can easily delete their quiz attempt to allow them to take the quiz again. You want to verify that the student is telling the truth by seeing exactly what they have done on the quiz before resetting it. For example, a student may say, “I got to the last question and my internet died.” You can verify that the student had actually answered all the questions except the last one by viewing their quiz as if you were that student. Once you have verified they are telling the truth, can you delete their attempt.



  1. Click on Submission Review  on the Navbar
  2. Click on Quizzes
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow  next to the quiz
  4. Click on Grade.
  5. Click on Show Search Options. 
  6. Click on Restrict to.. dropdown arrow 
  7. Click on Users with attempts in progress
  8. Click on the spyglass 
  9. To impersonate the student to see the quiz, click on impersonate
  10. Click on Yes ( You can now see what the student has completed and saved)
  11. Click on Exit Impersonating
  12. If you have decided to delete the attempt, check the box next to the attempt 
  13. Click on Reset  
  14. Click on Yes

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