Grading a Discussion Post using a Rubric






Rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently. 



  1. Click on Grades on the Navbar
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the grade item 
  3. Click on Enter Grades
  4. Click on the discussion submission on the far right  (This will open in a new window)
  5. The rubric will appear at the top of the new window, the student's post and replies will appear at the bottom of this window
  6. Grade the submission using the rubric by clicking on the levels you wish to award the students
  7. Enter any additional feedback into the General Feedback area
  8. Check the Publish score on save box (top of the window)
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Click on Overwrite
  11. The score will automatically transfer to the Grade column

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