Entering an I for an Incomplete Grade for the Grade to Submit to MySPC






If you have a student who will receive an Incomplete for their overall grade, please follow the tutorial below to make sure an I is pushed from MyCourses to MySPC. Make sure to complete this task after you have transferred the grades from the Current Overall Grade to the Grader to Submit to MySPC. Please review the tutorial on how to complete this task before proceeding.



  1. Click on Grades on the Navbar
  2. At the bottom, you will see Grade to Submit to MySPC, next to it click on the dropdown arrow
  3. Click on Enter Grades
  4. In the Numerator field Enter a 0, for the student (Your denominator will be whatever your total is for your course) 
  5. Click on Save
  6. Click on Yes (You will see an I for the student under Scheme)
  7. Click on Save and Close
  8. Click on  Yes


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