Creating MyCourses Content

This page includes tutorials and videos for selecting and creating content in MyCourses.


Organizing Content in MyCourses


A Module in MyCourses is like a folder. Within the folder you will add files, links, etc.


Assessment Tools in MyCourses


MyCourses allows you to create your own quizzes or import pre-designed quizzes from publisher content. Quizzes can be autograded or manually graded depending on question type.  Quizzes can be used in all modalities.   






Dropboxes in MyCourses is a tool that you would use if you want your students to submit something.  This could be a Word document, an Excel sheet, PowerPoint, etc.  With dropboxes the instructor is the only one that sees the submissions.  Each submission can be run through TurnItIn to check for copying/cheating. You can also grade the submission right in MyCourses.  No need to print and mark up.  You are able to do the mark up right in the submission itself.  These can be used in all modalities.  



Discussions is a tool that you would use if you want your students to post to a question/prompt.  Using discussions, students are able to see other student's post and can reply to their posts. These can be used in all modalities.  



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