Honorlock Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How does Honorlock protect my exam content? 

 Answer: We get it—you don’t want to have to write new exams every semester, but, as online test bank sites become more common, it gets harder to use the same questions from class to class. Our virtual proctoring system includes proprietary technology to search for and destroy unauthorized copies of your test. Once you enable Honorlock in an assessment, our software automatically searches for leaked content. 


Question: Does Honorlock detect screen capture? Does it detect someone photographing the screen?

Answer: If a student attempts to use screen capture, this will cause the exam session to briefly go out of focus which will generate a flag. If someone attempts to photograph the screen, since they are recorded by webcam, you will see this action taking place.


Question: Is Honorlock available for allowing review of quizzes after students submit? For example, a student would not be able to review a quiz without going through Honorlock first?

Answer: No



Questions: Is there a fee for students?


Answer: No


Question: What happens if a student does not have a photo id?  


Answer: The student can still test but will be directed to a live proctor to bypass the authentication process. A report will be sent to the instructor within 24hours.


Question: What kind of ID can students use to identify themselves? College ID, driver license, passport, work ID?


 Answer: Students can use any government issue ID, school ID, or passport. Messaging is on screen when students are completing this portion of authentication.




Question: I have a student with special accommodations. How do I address their accommodations?  


Answer: For students with special accommodations, this can be accomplished through D2L's per student settings to extend the due date or add more time to their specific attempt. See tutorial: Add Special Access. If there are additional accommodations (i.e. reader/scribe, formula sheets, break during testing) be sure to include the accommodations and student name in the proctor instructions in each quiz. 


Sample: Joe Titan has accommodations to use a 4 or 6 function calculator, formula sheet and reader/scribe. 


Question: Do I still need to enable extra time (i.e. 1.5x or double time) on the quiz if a student has accommodations? Or do I just put that in the Proctor Guide?


Answer: Yes, you still need to set-up your quizzes in MyCourses or your 3rd party tool as normal, including Special Access settings.


Question: I have a student with accommodations that requires a formula sheet during the exam. I plan to use Browser Guard. Can I whitelist the formula sheet for one student?


Answer: If you have a student with accommodations that requires specific documents (i.e. formula sheets) and are planning to enable Browser Guard, please email mycourses4faculty@spcollege.edu for options on providing this during an exam.




Questions: How do I add dates and time to my quizzes? 


 Answer: You would add dates and times within MyCourses. See tutorial: Add Dates to a Quiz


Question: How do I set a time limit on my quiz? 


Answer: You would add the time limit within MyCourses. See tutorial: Add Time to Quizzes and Add Special Access


Question: How do I add a password to my quiz? 


Answer: You do not need to add a password to the quiz in MyCourses if you are planning to enable Honorlock. Honorlock will automatically generate a password on your quiz once enabled. If you are testing using a third-party product (i.e. MyLabs, ALEKs, etc.) you will need to place a password on the quiz in that system. Please follow these steps for enabling Honorlock on a third party quiz.


Question: There is a recommendation at the top to put all questions on one page.  Per your suggestions, I always made the tests have 5 questions per page. What is the preferred setting for Honorlock tests? 


Answer: We would recommend staying with the 5 questions per page or less. 



Question: If someone needs to take an early or late exam, can I just open the exam up for them early or late just like always, or is there something else that I would need to do?   


Answer: Yes, you should be able to adjust the dates in MyCourses. TutorialEnable Honorlock on a Third Party Exam


Question: Can my students still access notes and files in MyCourses while they are testing if I have Browser Guard enabled?


Answer: No, in Browser Guard is enabled, the student will not be able to navigate to other areas of the course. Complete Explanation of Browser Guard


Question: Am I able to specify custom guidelines? 


Answer: Absolutely! We seamlessly integrate with your LMS, allowing you to toggle options on and off easily. If your students need access to specific information, you can whitelist websites they are permitted to access during the exam. You can disable printing, require students to only use a single screen, record their web traffic, prevent them from accessing external sites and applications, and require a room scan before the exam to ensure the student isn’t using illicit resources. 


Question: Do I have to enable Honorlock on all of my quizzes or can I use it only on certain quizzes? (i.e. my midterm and final)


Answer: By default, Honorlock is disabled. You can select which quizzes to enable it on in your courses.



Question: Are whitelisted site URLs provided to students automatically or does the faculty need to provide these beforehand to the students?


 Answer: The faculty member will need to provide these URLs to the student. It is recommended that the links be included in the exam so that students can easily access them after the exam begins. For assistance with updating your exams to included whitelisted URLs, please email mycourses4faculty@spcollege.edu.


Question: How can I allow my students to use a calculator during the exam?


 Answer: There are many websites (i.e.https://www.desmos.com) that host free calculators. If you are using Browser Guard, you can whitelist the site of your preference and make it available to your students. Honorlock does include a basic 4 or 6 function calculator that you can enable in the Honorlock quiz settings.




Question: What happens if a student does not meet the technical requirements (I.e. computer, webcam and internet)?  


Answer: Webcam alternatives are available to students who do not meet the requirements (Webcam Alternatives). Also, if a student is unable to meet these requirements, have them contact the SPC Technical Support Desk at 727-341-4357 or email onlinehelp@spcollege.edu for assistance.


Question: Will students call me endlessly with software issues? 


Answer: Absolutely not. We are passionate about customer support. There is no software to download—a feature that makes things a little easier. When issues do arise, we offer 24/7/365 phone, email, and live chat support. Throughout their exam, students will find support access just a click away. They will be able to contact us quickly and easily to troubleshoot any problems and get back on track with the assessment. 


Note: Please make sure your students are using the Chrome Browser (download Chrome Browser) and have installed the Honorlock Extension (download Honorlock extension) when completing an exam.

 Question: What if I there is a technical problem while setting up an assessment? 

Answer: Our 24/7/365 support is available for faculty as well. We provide you with a high-priority support phone number so you can get your test up and running and get back to what you do best—teaching. 


Question: What about cell phones? 


Answer: Preventing mobile phone use is one of the most significant challenges with remotely proctored exams. Fortunately, we have state-of-the-art technology to prevent students from accessing any test content via secondary devices. Our patented system is the industry’s first and only solution of its kind. While a student is testing, our platform detects the use of secondary devices, prevents them from accessing test bank information, and takes a screen recording of any additional devices to monitor for suspicious activity.


Question: Can the student complete the quiz using a cellphone if they do not have a webcam?


Answer: No


Question: What happens if a student loses internet connection during an exam?


 Answer: Once the student's connection is restored, they will be asked to reauthenticate prior to being allowed to move forward with the exam. Please remember that once a student begins a timed exam in MyCourses, the timer will continue until the exam is submitted, even if the student leaves the exam unexpectedly. If a student does experience a disruption and you would want to allow a new attempt, please view this tutorial: https://myresources.spcollege.edu/deleting-an-attempt-when-the-student-experiences-some-type-of-distribution-when-taking-the-quiz.




Question: How do I enable Honorlock if I am using a third-party publisher site? For example, a MyLab program?


Answer: Please follow the Enable Honorlock on a Third Party Exam.


Question: What if we are using a third-party exam but it is integrated into MyCourses? (i.e. there is no third-party link)


Answer: This is possible. You would provide the students with steps for getting to the quiz in the Student Instructions in Honorlock. Please follow the Enable Honorlock on a Third Party Exam.


Question: Is there any difference when using Honorlock, from the student's side, if I test via a third-party site?


Answer: No




Question: How do I view student results? 


Answer: Test sessions are automatically available after students finish the proctored session. You can view these sessions in the Honorlock application in your LMS. After our human proctors review them, they will send you detailed reports that are easy to read. These reports will make a note of any incidents, and each incident will include a timestamp for the test session recording so that you can review it yourself and determine whether you need to address it. 



Question: Will suspicious behavior be flagged, or do I need to watch all of the videos?


Answer: The activity will be flagged. Please review the How to View Honorlock Results.



Question: What triggers a live-proctor pop-in?


Answer: Honorlock has temporarily enabled the live-proctor pop-in during a quiz for all SPC courses. The Honorlock AI detects audio, speech, multiple faces on camera, face off screen, as well as exam window out of focus. These can trigger a live proctor to pop into the quiz and speak with the student.


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