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In this tutorial, we will provide information on working with students requesting accommodations when completing a quiz with Honorlock.


The Process

  1. Any students requesting accommodations will need to provide documentation to you as the faculty before accommodations can be made.
  2. If you have any questions regarding the accommodations requested, please reach out to the assigned Accessibility Services Coordinator which will be listed on the accommodation form. (Complete list of Accessibility Service Coordinators)
  3. When enabling Honorlock for your assessment, you may need to provide specific accommodations to certain exam takers. The Accommodations section should be used and will only be visible to Honorlock proctors and support staff. 
  4. If the student needs to test at a testing center, an accessibility code will be required to bypass Honorlock.


         How do I request an Accessibility Code?

  • Contact Honorlock Support by using the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the Honorlock tab in MyCourses. You will need to provide the students name and exam name. NOTE: This is a one-time use code. You will need to request a new code for every proctor exam you are requiring the student to take.
  • Once the code has been provided, you will need to send the accessibilty code to the proctor at the testing center along with the Bypass Pin Best Practices tutorial. Note: This code should only be input by a faculty member or proctor to maintain the exam's integrity.



NOTE: If you have a student with accommodations that requires specific documents (i.e. formula sheets) and are planning to enable Browser Guard, please email for options on providing this during an exam.



Accommodation Tutorials


Last updated: 3-30-22


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