Releasing the Grade to Submit to MySPC






Final grades will be submitted using the Submit Final Grades tab on Faculty Tools which is located on the homepage of each of your courses. To submit your final grades, please complete the steps below.


**NOTE: Make sure to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.**



  1. Click Course Home
  2. Click Submit Final Grades in Faculty Tools 
    1. Assignment Check - check to ensure that there are no unintentionally, ungraded assignments in the course.
      1. If there are no missing grades, continue to Grade Scheme Check
      2. If there are ungraded items, click title of the missing assignment to enter the missing grades
      3. If there are ungraded items but they were intentionally skipped, check
    2. Grade Scheme Check - check to ensure your scheme is correct
      1. Select the appropriate scheme
      2. Check the box to acknowledge
    3. Grades Summary Check - transfer and verify your final grades
      1. Click
      2. Click the down arrow next to Final Grades (top of the page)
      3. Click Transfer All
      4. Click Yes
      5. Make any necessary adjustments to the grades (i.e. incompletes, rounding, etc.)
      6. Click Save to update the page and see any grade changes you have made
      7. Once the grades are correct, click Save and Close
      8. Verify the Grades Summary Check
        1. If you have edited grades, check the
    4. Submit Final Grades

      1. Once all grades are correct, check the I am ready to submit my final grades to MySPC
      2. Click Submit Final Grades
      3. Grades will be visible in MySPC within 10 minutes

Additional Resources


Have Questions? Contact the OLS iTech team at or call 727-341-3500 (Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern) or the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or during nights and weekends.