Rubric Statistics






Viewing the rubric statistics can provide you with some information about the overall scores for an assignment, individual criterion statistics, and individual statistics for each individual student. These statistics can help you modify an assignment. For example, if you look at the Criteria Statistics and find students poorly on one of the criteria, you can look at that assignment and make sure the instructions make sense.



  1. Click on Edit Course on the Navbar
  2. Click on Rubrics
  3. Click on the drop- down arrow next to the Rubric Names
  4. Click on  View Statistics
  5. Click on the Graph Icon 
  6. Click on Criteria Statistics  ( This provides the frequency data for each individual criteria and each level)
  7. Click on individual Statistics (This provides information about each individual student, level achieved, score, who was the assessor, and the date of grading)
  8. Click on Close
  9. Click on  Close


Additional Resources

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