Set the Locking Options on a Discussion Question






What is the difference between Availability and Locking Options?


Availability Options:

Within the Submission Review area, setting availability dates will keep a discussion topic hidden from the students until the start date is reached and will hide it from the students until the end date passes. Within the Course Content area, the students will see the discussion topic but not be able to see the topics' directions or be able to access the topic. After the availability end date, students will no longer be able to access or view any posts within the Course Content area.


Locking Options:

Within both the Submission Review and Course Content area, setting locking option dates will restrict students from posting to the discussion topic until the start date is reached and will not allow them to post after the end date. However, they will be able to see the discussion topic and its directions before the start date and allow students to view posts after the end date.



How to Navigate to the Discussion:

  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar
  2. Click on Discussions
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the name of the Discussion Topic you wish to edit
  4. Click on Edit Topic

Setting Locking Options:

  1. Click on the Restrictions tab.
  2. Under Locking Options, click on Show Locking options (if you see Hide locking options, it has been expanded for you already)
  3. Click the radio button  next to Unlock topic for a specific date range
  4. To set a Start Date, click the checkbox next to Has Start Date
  5. Click in the date textbox to bring up the calendar.  Click on the date you wish to the topic unlocked (You can also type in the date)
  6. To set an End Date, click the checkbox next to Has End Date
  7. Click in the date textbox to bring up the calendar.  Click on the date you wish to have the topic locked. (You can also type in the date)
  8. Click the checkbox next to Display in Calendar to have the dates appear on the calendar
  9. Click on Save and Close  (You will be taken back to the discussion list, and you will see the dates displayed underneath the discussion topic with a lock icon) 




Additional Resources

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