Managing Meeting Security in Zoom






Security within your Zoom Meetings is very important.  This video will review the options that you have available through Zoom. 


Video Tutorial



Tips: While watching the video you can click the  button to watch in "full screen mode". You can also click the  button to view the closed captions.


Security Options

  • Lock Meeting - This will prevent anyone new from entering your meeting once enabled. 
  • Enable Waiting Room - This will require the host to admit the students into a meeting but will prevent any unwanted guests from entering.  This is highly recommended.
  • Allow participants to:
    • Share Screen - Share computer screen during the meeting. By default this is on.
    • Chat - Send messages to each other and to the whole group. By default this is on.
    • Rename the themselves - Change the name that they entered the meeting with. By default this is on.
  • Remove Participant - If you have a student that is disruptive in your meeting, you can remove the student with out allowing re-entry. 


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